forgotThis new comic is a gas!

Wha-hoo! If one had to make a list of the nicest people in the world, I’d bet money that Rebecca Viola, Cara Bean and Jason Viola would all be listed on there! Then I’d feel kinda weird that I was betting on a list of world-class nice people. So, to avoid continuing this awkward paragraph, I’m just going to announce that Radiator Comics is now carrying their awesome three-person anthology, Heart Farts!

Cara draws about finding flow, literal skeletons in closets, remembering pets who have passed, and her mom’s dreams about Tom Brady. Husband and Wife team, Rebecca and Jason Viola write and draw comics about Bento lunches, work, and celebrating pets that are still alive!

It’s a really great collection of comics, and I think you should read it if you haven’t yet.

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